Janssen Cosmetics

Face: Combination Skin

If you find that your skin can be both oily and dry, don’t worry, the Combination Skin rage has been designed to deal with exactly that problem. Our Combination Skin range uses active substances that moisturise the dry areas of your skin, and also reduces the oily sheen on your forehead, nose and chin. The products in the Combination Skin range are all designed to help you balance your skin complexion.

Oily T-Zone Balancing Pack

The ultimate duo to combat classic Combination Skin. Balancing Cream and Balancing Skin Complex work together to reduce and normalize excessive oily skin on the T-Zone, and at the same time, hydrates the rest of the face, leaving the skin clear and matte. 


Gentle Cleansing Powder 100g

Water-soluble cleansing powder for combination skin. With skin-friendly tensides for clear, matte skin.


Tinted Balancing Cream 50ml

Gently tinted care cream for balancing combination skin. With color pigments and extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera.


Balancing Cream 50ml

Balancing care cream for combination skin. With extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera.


Balancing Skin Complex 30ml

Active substance concentrate for sebum gland regulation, specifically for combination skin. With extracts of olive leaves, red algae and Fomes officinalis.