Janssen Cosmetics

Face: Dry Skin

All skin needs moisture, especially during the colder months! Our Dry Skin range is designed to provide rich and deep hydrating care for your skin. With active substances such as long and short-chain hyaluronic acid the Dry Skin range helps revive lipid and moisture deficient skin, reduce wrinkles that are often caused by dryness, and leaves your complexion looking visibly fresh.  

Aquatense Moisture Gel+ 50ml

Refreshing cream gel for dry, moisture-deficient skin. With aquaporinstimulating peptide (ASP) and a hydration complex consisting of hyaluronic acid and Atlantic algae.


Day Vitalizer 50ml

Daily care cream for dry skin. With short-chain hyaluronic acid, Atlantic algae, Imperata cylindrica and macadamia oil.


Eye Zone Gel 30ml

Refreshing eye contour gel. With short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid, an active substance complex consisting of yeast extract, panthenol and an extract of butcher‘s broom, liquorice root and calendula.


Hyaluron Impulse 50 Capsules

Hyaluron Impulse are small care capsules which resemble pinkish, shimmering pearls. The creamy, soft content is intended for external application. Together, the extraordinary texture and modern contents provide an optimal skin care experience and result: the capsule’s rich contents are distributed over the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft, gentle and supple. Each individual application leaves the skin beautiful and smooth. Hyaluron Impulse is suitable for application with and without day or night care. Applied directly beneath make-up, dry skin regains its silky-matte shimmer


Hydrating Gel Mask+ 75ml

Refreshing gel mask for dry, moisture deficient skin. The skin takes on a visibly healthy, vital appearance in the long term, a refined skin profile and an even, silky-soft complexion.


Hydrating Skin Complex 30ml

Serum for dry, moisture-deficient skin. With short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid, high-molecular polysaccharides from the fruit of the carob tree plus extracts of Atlantic algae and the desert plant Imperata cylindrica.


Mild Creamy Cleanser 200ml

Gentle cleansing lotion for dry skin. Optimally prepares the skin for subsequent treatments. Particularly mild care formula with skin physiological pH value. The creamy consistency is particularly easy to apply and wash off. The skin’s native moisture is retained. Does not leave the skin feeling tense. Intensive but mild cleansing. Leaves the skin feeling clean


Mild Face Rub 50ml

Mild facial peeling with jojoba wax beads. Refines the complexion. The complexion takes on a rosy hue. Rids the skin of dead skin cells, hornification and blackheads. Subsequent active care substances are better absorbed by the skin. Prevents blemishes.


Night Replenisher 50ml

Rich night cream. Strengthens the skin’s native barrier function. Ensures soft, smooth and supple skin. Protection against free radicals. Visible improvement of the skin structure. Increases resilience and elasticity. Leaves the skin looking rested and smooth in the morning. Pleasant fragrance, easily distributed.


Radiant Firming Tonic

Reviving Facial Tonic. The skin profile appears smoother and its pores finer. The skin is better prepared to absorb subsequently applied products. The skin is perceptibly revived and refreshed. Skin-friendly pH value. Leaves the skin feeling absolutely clean.