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Face: Fair Skin

Hyperpigmented areas of skin can be hard to manage, and people often use make-up to conceal these areas. Our Fair Skin range is a specific care system for treating pigmentation disorders to help achieve an even skin tone. If applied on a regular basis, the products in the Fair Skin range can help visibly reduce any pigmentation flecks, and combat any dark discolouration of the skin, giving the skin a brighter appearance.

Fair Skin Cleansing Pack

Introducing our Fair Skin Cleansing Pack. Containing 1 x Melafadin Cleansing Powder and 1 x Melafadin Toner, this pack is perfect for those with uneven skin tone or pigmentation.


Dark Circle Eye Cream 15ml

Eye care cream with immediate and lasting results against dark eye circles. A powerful 4-1 complex of active ingredients for the eyes, made from a tripeptide in combination with a micro algae extract, panthenol and short chain hyaluronic acid, making dark circles, lines and wrinkles look significantly improved.


Fair Complexion Serum 30ml

Skin brightening active ingredient serum as a perfect addition to the Brightening Day Protection cream. The brightening booster with hexylresorcinol supports the targeted brightening of hyper-pigmentations and provides a consistent, flawless complexion.


Brightening Night Care 50ml

Skin brightening and moisturising overnight care, which perfectly complements the Brightening Day Protection product and continuously supplies skin with the effective skin-brightening active ingredient hexylresorcinol during the night 


Brightening Day Protection 50ml

Skin brightening care cream with SPF 20. Thanks to microfine white pigments, skin immediately appears brighter and less blemished after application. Over time, the highly effective active ingredient, hexylresorcinol, provides a skin brightening effect.


Melafadin Cleansing Powder 60g

White, pleasant-smelling cleansing powder with pure vitamin C for effectively brightening the skin.


Melafadin Toner 200ml

Refreshing facial tonic for radiant bright skin. With mulberry tree extract, SORR and aloe vera extract.


Brightening Exfoliator 50ml

Peeling cream for clear and more even facial skin. With peeling granules consisting of skinfriendly perlite beads plus citric and glycolic acid.