Double Chin Fat Reduction

Ever worried about a double chin, and hate being in photos because of it?

Then worry no more, as this can be treated with fat dissolving injections which will
reduce the size of your double chin. The product is a synthetic substance called
deoxycholic acid which breaks down the fat cells. Excess fat or double chins occur no matter how
much exercise you do or how well you eat. This can have a negative effect on your confidence.

Clients will experience some swelling and bruising and discomfort in the first few days after the
treatment, but this will subside over a one week period.

It may take several weeks for your results to become apparent, as the fat dissolving process is not
instantaneous. Best results are seen 6-8 weeks after treatment. Several treatment sessions may be
required depending on your desired outcome.

Cost $1200 per treatment.

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Double chin Fat Reduction


Note, the cost of the annual prescription is $25.

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