Five crucial questions you should ask your Beauty Therapist about their waxing service:


  • Is a waxing consent and information form filled out prior to your waxing service?
  • Are you asked if you are taking Retin-A or Roaccutane? – these clients are not recommended to have waxing services.
  • Are disposable spatulas used for hot wax?
  • Is a skin preparation applied prior to the waxing treatment so that you can ensure minimal trauma to the skin?
  • Does the aesthetician was their hands before and after your waxing?

Come to our salon and enjoy our meticulously clean environment where you can rest assured that your hair removal is performed with the highest level of skill and hygiene standards.

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Waxing Prices

Service Price
Half Leg, Underarm, G-Line, Eyebrow 99
Half Leg, Female Brazilian, Underarm 95
Half Leg, Bikini Line, Underarm 70
Full Leg, Bikini Line 70
EyeBrow, Lip, Chin 25
Eyebrow 17
Lip or Chin 10
Underarm 20
Bikini Line 25
G-Line 35
Female Brazilian 50
Half Arm 30
Full Arm 45
Half Leg 30
Full Leg 45
Chest 45
Stomach 24
Back 57
Neck or Shoulders 25

We design your brow-line to compliment your face shape and enhance the eye using hot wax and by the classic tweezer method. Our same gentle formulas may be used safely on the lip and chin.

Waxing Packages

Service Price Total Save
Female Amazing Silky Waxing Package 160 $$$

All the waxing you can handle in one session! You can choose any areas or all of your body

Queen Waxing Package 

Female Brazilian / Full Leg / Underarm
6 sessions for only 92 per visit

552 138

Princess Waxing Package

Female Brazilian / Half Leg / Underarm
6 sessions for only 85 per visit

510 60

Facial Waxing package

Eyebrow / Lip / Chin
6 sessions for only 30 per visit

180 42

All packages must be pre-paid in full when first booking is made. All areas must be done at each visit. Not available with any other promotion.

Jennifer has been a Registered Nurse for 35+ years, so you know the moment you walk in the door, you’re in safe hands.

Jennifer Goudge specialises in waxing treatments, so you know you are in safe hands with the highest hygiene and safety standards. 

Any questions? Just give Jennifer a call.

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